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iMac and MacBook doesn't start

What to do if your MacBook won't start

This is one of the most common errors MacBook users have to deal with: suddenly the device is dead, without any warning. The device doesn't react and doesn't respond to any key combination.

This can be attributed to different causes. A layperson's knowledge usually tends to associate the problem with the screen or the power button on the device. But it is not necessarily so. If the MacBook suddenly dies, in most cases it is the logic board and its circuit.

This is a hardware problem. But before you assume such an error, you should rule out other possibilities and make sure that the MacBook really does not turn on any more.

MacBook won't turn on.

If your MacBook doesn't turn on and you've already checked the hardware problems; Power supply, battery, display and memory. If you've already tried to reset the NVRAM and SMC, it is a good idea to contact a qualified MacBook repair service for an analysis of your device.

MacBook won't start - what to do?

1. Check the power supply and the power supply from the computer.
2. Check the battery and memory.
3. Check the display.
4. Reset NVRAM.
5. Reset SMC.
MacBook Pro won't start

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro won't start

1. Check the power supply and the power supply from the computer:

The first step would be to check that the MacBook is properly connected to the power.

As natural as it sounds, it is more common that the magnet at the outer end of the cable does not have a proper connection to the MacBook. If this is not the case, the next step is to check the power supply. Is everything okay with it? Is there any damage to the cable?
A common mistake is to wrap the cable around the power supply. This puts the connection point under pressure and damages the whole power supply in the long term. It is also possible that the power supply unit itself has been damaged by an over-voltage after a sudden power failure. To find out if it really is, you can try another power supply.

In this case, you should simply search the Internet for a new power supply.

Warning! We strongly advise against buying replica power supplies as they can cause a circuit failure, generally because AC and DC are not well separated from each other. Often customers come to us who have decided to buy a replica power supply and have caused a circuit fault in the device. When it comes to powering the device, our motto is simply: Don't try save money; buy an original one.

2. Check the battery and RAM

If you have recently replaced the battery or hard drive or upgraded the RAM, you should ensure that the components are compatible and correctly installed. Especially with RAM you should pay attention to its speed.

3. Check the display!

Make sure the problem isn't with the display by connecting your MacBook to an external display.
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4. Reset NVRAM

Try to reset the NVRAM. NVRAM are small chunks of memory that keep the files on your Mac even when the device is turned off. It doesn't hurt at all to reset the said files. It is possible that the MacBook will work again after the reset. To do this you need to follow the steps below to take:

MacBook Key Combinations:
- Hold the Command, Alt, P and R keys at the same time and then press the power button.
- Hold the buttons until the start tone can be heard again.
- Wait for the MacBook to reboot. Then you can let go of the buttons.

5. Reset SMC

In some cases, the SMC (System Management Controller) needs to be reset. To do this the following must be done:

- Turn off the MacBook
- Disconnect the device from the power supply and then reconnect it.
- Reset SMC Key Combinations: Press Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Power at the same time.
- The light from the power supply cable could flicker now.
- Restart the MacBook

If you've tried all the above and your MacBook still won't turn on, you are likely dealing with a circuit failure.

Mac won't start: but how does a circuit failure occur?

There are various reasons for this: on the one hand it could be due to internal factors, such as defective capacitors, and on the other hand to external factors, such as an unstable house current that occurs under certain circumstances (lightning strike, etc.) and causes over-voltage damage or the current controller destroyed on the motherboard.
At Sadaghian, we offer you a free analysis for precisely the reasons mentioned: In such cases, our speciality is to replace individual chipsets or capacitors on the logic board so that it is functional again. To do this, we must first deal with the logic board in detail to find out what exactly is the cause of the error. We will then make you an offer for the repair.
So you don't have to worry about the high costs of replacing your retina display if your device no longer switches on or if you don't see an image on the display. The problem may be elsewhere, and your device can likely be repaired at a much better cost, especially those offered by Official Apple Repair shops, who tend to replace parts rather than actually repair them.
iMac won't start
iMac won't work
iMac won't boot

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