Berlin Mac Repairs

Do you live in Berlin and are wondering who is best to turn to for the repair of your broken MacBook or iMac?

MacBook repair, iMac repair, graphics defect repair, water damage repair, display damage repair; we repair all defects, damages, and errors at very competitive prices.

If you come from Berlin and are looking for a way to repair your device, contact our workshop in Hamburg now. We offer you free analysis and also free shipping so that you can use your favourite device again without difficulty. As soon as we have completed the analysis, you will receive precise information about the problem and the costs. Regardless of whether it is a question of graphic errors, water damage or display damage, we will repair your device again.

You can also just give us a call for more information. All our staff speak English. We look forward to your call from Berlin.

Special Berlin Discount: 15 Euro for December 2020 - Use code BER2020 on the DHL Form

Call us now and let us analyze your device for FREE, following a cost-efficient repair and clean for your Mac today.

Not from Hamburg? No problem just print out our free DHL label, because we will take care of the cost of shipping including return.

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You can either print the label directly or show the QR code in the DHL branch (no printer required).


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*If there is a problem creating the label, you are welcome to try to create it directly via our public DHL account:
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Ready to act?

Then do not hesitate and send us your defective Mac to Hamburg for free error analysis. Round-trip shipping?
Print out DHL label - we will cover the costs.
DHL Kostenlose Versand Apple iMac und MacBook Reparatur in Hamburg
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