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About Our Services and Offers

With our years of experience, we can help you with any kind of defect or error:

  • Be it a standard error such as: a broken display, cracked screen or monitor failure
  • Technical defects regarding the keyboard, track pad or touch pad, power supply, USB ports, headphone jacks or other such components and connectors
  • More severe and complex defects with your logic board, BIOS, EFI chip or graphics card

For every problem with your Mac, we have the know-how and appropriate equipment to offer you a successful repair. Not only do we offer repairs, but we can also extend or upgrade your HDD, SSD, RAM, other components and software.

We are dedicated to the maintenance and successful service of your Mac. It doesn’t matter whether it is an analysis, security check, backup, virus removal, firewall installation, cleaning or repair. We are dedicated to you and your Mac.

 We maintain a warehouse with an extensive inventory of spare parts for a wide arrange of Apple computer models and years. If we do not have something on stock, we do our best to order it immediately and repair your device on time. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call us. Or simple bring your device by so we can analyse it free of charge!