MacBook Water damage repair
Quality Mac repair service at your side.

We offer a bespoke liquid damage repair after completing a free error analysis of your Macbook. 
Our customers have had only excellent experiences with our component-based repair approach which results in more competitive pricing of repairs than our rivals. You can confidently rely on our services and our years of experience in the field of liquid damage repairs. With liquid damage you need to act fast, so call us today!
MacBook water damage

With all liquid or water damages: 
the faster you react, the better.
So do not hesitate for a second and come to us.

Our experienced technicians will always act in your benefit when performing a component based repair. Usually we try to repair your motherboard / logicboard and replace only the keyboard, instead of the completely replacing them which would would make the repair more expensive. As is the case with Apple and its authorized dealers unfortunately.
For any special Mac repairs and solutions, look under Data Recovery & Repairs in the our menu. For any question please give us a call.

Commonly affected water damage models.

Below we have listed most frequent MacBook models that are affected by liquid damage.
MacBook Air 11 "A1365 & A1370 2010 - 2017;
MacBook Air 13 "A1369 & A1466 2010 - 2017;
MacBook Pro 13 "A1278 2009 - 2012;
MacBook Pro 15 "A1286 2009 - 2012;
MacBook Pro 17 "A1297 2009 - 2011;
MacBook Pro Retina 13 "A1425 A1502 2012 - 2015;
MacBook Pro Retina 15 "A1398 2012 -2015;

Information About Water Damage:

Water damage is generally categorized as any penetration of liquid into or onto your device. A classic scenario is when a glass of water spills onto your dining room or living room table. It can also be beer, wine, coffee, tea or any other liquid. Even is it was only a few drops of liquid or a cleaning agent, your device could still have water damage. These liquids can penetrate your MacBook and damage the keyboard or screen while using too much liquid to clean it.

It doesn’t matter how the damage came to be. We know it’s an annoyance, but you musn’t worry because these things can happen to anyone, and we are here to help. Just don’t waste much time and bring it to us immediately.
Water Damage repair
MacBook Pro Water Damage Repair Hamburg
MacBook Water Damage Repair

Important NOTE:

The touch bar models 2016, 2017 and 2018 are particularly sensitive. Because the memory module is soldered directly to the logicboard and the USB C terminals carry both power and data over the same connection. That means in case of water damage: DO NOT ATTEMPT REPAIR! DO NOT OPEN! DO NOT CHARGE!
The risk of further damage or even loss of data is considerable.

We recommend the following immediate actions:

Disconnect the power supply

Because electric flow promotes the progress of corrosion.

If possible separate the battery from the logicboard.

Because even when turned off, the battery provides energy that promotes corrosion.

Come immediately to us.

Because with time the problem worsens.
MacBook Pro Water Damage

Don't Panic!

When your MacBook is water damaged, fast action is required. This is because damage can effect the trackpad/touchpad, topcase, display, GPU or CPU. Of course smaller components can be damaged, such as transistors and resistors, which may eventually lead to a loss of a motherboard/logicboard.

This is where we, the specialists, come in. We specialize in on-board chip replacement and can generally replace small components without having to replace the motherboard/logicboard. We often have these components on stock and can quickly attend to your device. In the end, this will save you money because other repair shops will replace the whole logicboard, which can be two or three times expensive.

Do not wait. Don't give corrosion any time.
Call now and let's analyse today your MacBook water damage, for a successful repair.

Get within 24 hours the cost of your MacBook repair.
Free analysis and Free two-way shipping for all models and repairs.

We offer an extensive list of services for your MacBook water damage repair.

Take advantage of a variety of repair options for which our technicians provide with all liquid damages.
We provide professional and cost-effective analysis and repairs for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air;
We also repair complex components and chipsets on logicboards and apply it back in the integrated circuits. Our technicians are experienced specialists in BIOS, EFI and capacitor repairs;
NO reflow! We bring only new graphics chipsets to your logicboard on. For which you receive 12 months of warranty;
We repair and replace defective components. Besides chipsets replacement on logicboards our technicians also handle repairs that involve panels, displays, DVD drives, USB ports, MiniDisplay- & Airport-port connections, logicboards, keyboards and trackpads, and any other damage you might've encountered;
Damage assessment for insurance;
Upgrades & updates such as HDD, SSD and RAM;
Virus removal and firewall setup;
Cleaning and maintenance;

3 easy steps to begin immediately with your MacBook water damage repair.

To speed up the repair of your MacBook and mitigate consequential damage of water damage, we recommend you to perform the following steps:


Unplug your device immediately.


There are several ways to contact us, a few of them are displayed on these page either call, email or whatsapp. You can also, drop off your defective MacBook in our workshop or ship it with our free DHL label.


Once your MacBook is received by us, one of our technicians will perform a professional analysis to determine the defect. You will then be contacted with an appropriate offer for your device repair.

Additional MacBook water damage benefits we provide.

These benefits are tailored for your MacBook repair.


We provide free DHL label for your defective and repaired MacBook.


Since we solely use new components for our high-quality repairs, it is only fair for you to receive also a 12 months warranty.


But of course there are many other problems and sources of error in a complex device such as a laptop. Therefore we would like for you to take advantage of our free error analysis.


You have already noticed malfunctions, defects or crashes with your MacBook? No problem. Call us. We will find a fast, cost-effective solution for your MacBook problem. Come without an appointment, and we will perform a free analysis for which you will receive one or more repair options.

Ready to act?

Then do not hesitate and send us your defective Mac to Hamburg for free error analysis. Round-trip shipping?
Print out DHL label - we will cover the costs.
DHL Kostenlose Versand Apple iMac und MacBook Reparatur in Hamburg
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