MacBook and iMac Graphic Repair

You can safely rely on our years of experience in the Mac graphics repair field.
An extensive cleaning and maintenance of your MacBook or iMac interior is carried out under each graphic repair.
We replace the old graphics chips, only with new ones, original components that we have constantly in stock. 
We offer no baking or reflow of graphics units - only replacing with new parts on warranty.
MacBook pro with graphic failure - graphic repair

There are many indications of a Mac graphics error. Some common problems and defects, we have listed here for you.

Since your computer is complex, it can have many other potential sources of errors in addition to the graphics card and the graphics chip, we first always run a free error analysis for you. 

For all other Mac repair requests and upgrades please look at our repairs section in the menu.

If your Mac exhibits any of the following graphics errors,
do not hesitate to call us.

These are Mac symptoms that only a specialized technician must take care of, because it is usually not a software problem.
Your iMac or MacBook screen remains black or goes out suddenly;
Your iMac or MacBook screen has stripes. For example, pink, red, green or colorful stripes;
Your iMac or MacBook screen is dim or half blue;
The iMac or MacBook display has vertical or horizontal stripes;
Your iMac or MacBook screen is white or very bright;
The display shows stripes, spots, or other defect pixels;
Your iMac or MacBook makes loud fan noise;
Your iMac or MacBook display has spots;
At startup, there is a beeping sound or a plurality of tones;
Your iMac or MacBook is hot and switches off itself;
Your iMac or MacBook is very slowly or will not boot;
Your iMac or MacBook will not shut down;
Your iMac or MacBook will not start or hangs;
Your desktop displays images in strange proportions eg:bent, compressed, blurred or indistinct;
If you get a GPU Panic error message;
Your iMac or MacBook screen flickers;
Your iMac or MacBook makes strange noises;
Your iMac or MacBook makes three tones;
Your iMac or MacBook has no start image;
You can no longer turn on or starts but at startup screen remains blank or has unusual colors in the background;
The display shows transverse or longitudinal stripes, or has artifacts such as pixel, veils, flickering or other disorders;
iMac graphic failure repair
iMac graphic failure repair in Hamburg
iMac graphic damage
iMac graphic damage repair
MacBook Vertical blue stripes loading bar
MacBook graphic repair - colorful vertical stripes
MacBook Graphic Defect Ping Stripes

The most common causes of a graphic defect:

A slight loosening of the GPUs on the board due to overheating.
Faulty graphics chips from manufacturers. (A reason for a number of product recalls by Apple in recent years, currently no erroneous ground batches are known - but occasionally it may from time to time cause problems)
NOTE: You should be careful because many shops will simply reflow the chip which means they solder the same chip on the logicboard again. Another option is to replace the whole logicboard. Replacing the logicboard is expensive but a reflow is only a short-term solution. This is because a reflow doesn’t address the problem -the chip itself. Normally reflows last 6 months and the same problem comes back. We are here to bring you peace of mind by replacing the chip itself. Saving you money and extending the life of your device.
MacBook and iMac Graphic Repair
MacBook and iMac Graphic Repair in Hamburg
MacBook and iMac Graphic Damage Repair

Better not risk consequential damages. Call us now and let us analyze your device for FREE, following a cost-efficient repair and clean for your Mac today.

Not from Hamburg? No problem just print out our free DHL label, because we will take care of the cost of shipping including return.

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We offer an extensive list of services for your MacBook or iMac graphic damage repair.

Take advantage of a variety of repair options for which our technicians provide with all graphic damages.
We provide professional, free error analysis and individual repairs for your MacBook or iMac affected device;
We also repair complex components and chipsets on logicboards and apply it back in the integrated circuits. Our technicians are experienced specialists in BIOS, EFI and capacitor repairs;
NO reflow! We bring only new graphics chipsets to your logicboard on. For which you receive 12 months of warranty;
We repair and replace defective components. Besides chipsets replacement on logicboards our technicians also handle repairs that involve panels, displays, DVD drives, USB ports, MiniDisplay- & Airport-port connections, logicboards, keyboards and trackpads, and any other damage you might've encountered;
Damage assessment for insurance;
Upgrades & updates such as HDD, SSD and RAM;
Virus removal and firewall setup;
Cleaning and maintenance;

3 easy steps to begin immediately with your MacBook or iMac graphic damage repair.

To speed up the repair of your Mac and mitigate consequential damage of graphic damage, we recommend you to perform the following steps:


Unplug your device immediately.


There are several ways to contact us, a few of them are displayed on these page either call, email or whatsapp. You can also, drop off your defective MacBook or iMac in our workshop or ship it with our free DHL label.


Once your MacBook or iMac is received by us, one of our technicians will perform a professional analysis to determine the defect. You will then be contacted with an appropriate offer for your device repair.

Additional iMac and MacBook graphic damage benefits we provide.

These benefits are tailored for your iMac and MacBook repair.


We provide free DHL label for your Mac including return.


Since we solely use new components for our high-quality repairs, it is only fair for you to receive also a 12 months warranty.


But of course there are many other problems and sources of error in a complex device such as a laptop. Therefore we would like for you to take advantage of our free error analysis.


You have already noticed malfunctions, defects or crashes with your MacBook or iMac? No problem. Call us. We will find a fast, cost-effective solution for your MacBook or iMac problem. Come without an appointment, and we will perform a free analysis for which you will receive one or more repair options.

Ready to act?

Then do not hesitate and send us your defective Mac to Hamburg for free error analysis. Round-trip shipping?
Print out DHL label - we will cover the costs.
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