iMac Repair.
Your professional iMac repair service.

Our technicians repair for you efficiently on a component basis and are very knowledgeable in the field of chipset exchange, thanks to years of experience. We take care of Graphic errors, Display damage, mainboard or logicboard defects and any other iMac damages. With our reliable repairs and excellent customer satisfaction, you can always rely on us.
iMac Repairs in Hamburg

From our experience, we know that the most common iMac defects are caused by graphic errors.

There are very common iMac defects and damages for which our technicians specialize in. You can find these common iMac errors listed here. For other iMac repairs, upgrades and extensions can be found in our data repairs tab.

If you notice any of the following errors with your iMac, call us immediately.

These are iMac defects that need to be repaired by a professional.
Your iMac does not start or does not respond when you press the start button;
Your iMac does not start up properly or simply crashes;
Your iMac display is black or has no picture;
Your iMac only boots in recovery mode;
Your iMac display is broken or cracked;
Your iMac is slow or generally needs a memory upgrade for HDD, SSD or RAM;
Your data has disappeared or you do not have access to a folder or document, or you need data recovery;
Your iMac comes on but shows a question mark;

Here you will find a list of the special or specific defects of the two iMac model series: iMac 27 ″ 2009 - 2012 (A1312) and iMac 27 “2012 - 2016 (A1419) - Retina 5K models.

We offer special repairs for these model-specific errors.
Device does not start or crashes when starting up;
External screen does not work;
Picture has no backlight or shows no picture;
Fan is very loud and / or runs continuously;
Power button does not work / start button does not switch on;

We repair 17", 20", 21.5 ", 24" and 27 "Apple iMacs.

Apple iMac 17 Inch Repair - 2004 2006
Apple iMac 17 Inch Repair - 2004 2006 2007
Apple iMac 20 Inch Repair - 2004 2006 2007
Apple iMac 20 Inch Repair - 2004 2006 2007
Apple iMac 21 Inch Repair in Hamburg
Apple iMac 21,5 Inch Repair - 2009 2012 2015
Apple iMac 24 Inch Repair in Hamburg
Apple iMac 24 Inch Repair - 2006 2007 2021
Apple iMac 27 Inch Repair in Hamburg
Apple iMac 27 Inch Repair - 2009 2013 2014

Call us about the free analysis with your iMac repair.

Or send us your iMac with the enclosed error description directly using the free DHL label.

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You can either print the label directly or show the QR code in the DHL branch (no printer required).


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*If there is a problem creating the label, you are welcome to try to create it directly via our public DHL account:
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We offer a variety of repair solutions for your iMac.

Benefit from the multitude of repair expertise that our technicians have internalized over the years.
We offer you non-binding analysis and professional iMac repairs;
We also repair the most complex component and chipset assemblies on logicboards and implement their integrated circuits. Our technicians are experienced specialists in BIOS, EFI and capacitor repairs;
NO reflows! We only add new graphics chipsets to your logicboard. 12 months of warranty;
We repair and replace defective components. In addition to chipsets on the logicboard, our technicians exchange panels, displays, DVD drives, slots & USB ports, MiniDisplay & Airport port connections, logic boards, keyboards & trackpads, and much more;
Damage assessment for insurance companies;
Upgrades & updates such as HDD, SSD and RAM extensions;
Virus removal and backup copies, as well as firewall installation;
Equipment cleaning and maintenance;

3 simple steps to start repairing your iMac and to protect it from consequential damage.

It is very simple and can do a lot.


Pull out the Mac power plug.


There are several ways to contact us. You can call us, bring your defective device to our workshop or send your iMac with our free DHL label.


As soon as your Mac arrives to us, one of our technicians will carry out a professional analysis to determine the defect. You will then be contacted to begin a repair suitable for your device.

Additional iMac repair options.

These benefits we offer you are specially tailored for your MacBook repair.


We provide you with a free shipping DHL label for all iMac repairs.


Since we only use new components for our high-quality repairs, it is only logical to grant you a 12-month warranty.


But of course there are a number of other problems and sources of error for a complex devices such as an iMac. So please feel free to use our free error analysis.


Your iMac already has one or more defects? No problem. Just give us a call and we will find the fastest solution to your iMac problem. Or come to us without an appointment.

Ready to act?

Then do not hesitate and send us your defective Mac to Hamburg for free error analysis. Round-trip shipping?
Print out DHL label - we will cover the costs.
DHL Kostenlose Versand Apple iMac und MacBook Reparatur in Hamburg
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