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MacBook Repairs | iMac Repairs

All our customers receive a free analysis and free shipping with all MacBook, iMac & Mac Pro repairs.

Whether graphic issues, water damage, trouble starting/booting, data loss or viruses, screen damage, loud fan noise or any other hardware / software failures: We will save your Mac!

And of course, in addition to the repairs we also offer you upgrades and updates, to make sure your Mac stays at peak performance and is updated with the newest features.

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Our years of experience shows us that the most common defects to a Mac are: graphics errors and glitches, water damage and data loss. So therefore our team of technical specialists can repair even the more complicated damages while still providing an economical solution.

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Our technicians are capable in replacing individual components: such as graphics chips, CPUs and NAND memory. Therefore, your logicboard does not have to be completely replaced which would be more expensive. Because of this we operate our own parts trade in Hamburg, in order to stock spare parts for your Mac model's repair.

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We offer all customers a FREE damage diagnostic. After the analysis is done, we will provide you with the found damage and cost of repair. If you opt for a repair with us, you of course will receive a 12 months warranty. And if you can't bring your device to our workshop, you are welcome to use our FREE DHL service.
MacBook Repair Service in Hamburg

Macbook Repair Service

As one of the leading German MacBook repair specialists, we can guarantee you the highest standards and the most cost-effective MacBook repairs. Our highly trained repair team can fix the most complicated MacBook problems on a component basis, offering you significant savings over Apple Authorized Repairs. Authorized repairs often only involve replacing the motherboard or the faulty part thereby increasing the cost on you. 

Call us today to organize your free Macbook analysis. Free DHL shipping from all over Germany and Europe.

iMac Repair Service

As one of the leading German iMac repair specialists, we can guarantee you the highest standards and the most cost-effective iMac repairs. Our highly trained repair team can fix the most complex iMac problems on a component basis, offering you significant savings over Apple Authorized Repairs, which often only involve replacing the motherboard or a faulty part. 

Call us today to organize your free iMac analysis.
iMac Repair Service in Hamburg

As a Mac Rescue operation we are specialists in the repair of iMacs and MacBooks.

Our technicians can provide solutions for all problems, defects and damages that your device might've sustained.


With water damage it is important to act quickly to prevent serious oxidation. Therefore: Immediately disconnect the power cord! With a liquid damage, the entire MacBook can be affected. It does not matter what liquid you spilled: water, coffee, tea or beer. Even a minimal drop (including from cleaning spray) can cause short circuits. 

Our engineers are therefore dedicated to component-based repairs. Meaning we can replace microchips, capacitors and other defective components on the board.


A broken screen or a screen with cracks is one of the more common problems a Mac owner encounters. Recently, on the Staingate protective layer your display might even starts to become, foggy or cloudy. While some spots, stripes or pixel errors can also be caused by a faulty graphics card. 

We are capable to assemble and exchange displays for all iMacs and MacBooks. In some cases we even have very good used ones in stock, Which are significantly cheaper. And as for best case scenario we can even repair your screen.


Problems with the video card or graphics chip manifests itself in many ways. Stripes, spots, colorful surfaces, pixels, a divided, black or white screen. But crashes on your MacBook or iMac, slow boots or programs, loud and constant fan noise can indicate also a graphic problem.

We are capable of a performing a graphic chip exchange (NO REFLOW!). And respectively also replace other damaged components on your video device: such as for example the circuit.


Most hardware errors that occur on the MacBook or iMac are based on the failure of the logicboard. From water damage, one example is by getting short circuits or oxidation, in graphics errors due to a faulty graphics chips. 

Our specialists can perform component-based repairs - we always try to save your device by repairing before we choose to replace an entire logicboard. This is a sustainable and above all much more economical way of repair.

For free shipping you can use our DHL-Service

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